Something is getting to shine
Down, deep into what i feel
Something looks like a light
It seems to finally tend me

Even if i am on earth still
I should be dead already
An angel calls to me
Maybe the end of the agony
And i feel a lost holy
warmth slowly filling my body
Like blood runs in my veins
Although i began to forget...

Now fallen down to life
Too wonderful was it
I should open my eyes
To see this cannot be
Only sad is reality
I have to hope for another
night to overtake me
I'm drowning forever

Someone has tried to lie
My tears expecting to dry
Someone looked too bright
Kind of things that can't trap me

Only my wounds will be opened
This time let the blood flow
For how many time ? I don't know
Anyway, there will be an end
A gate that opens only
after living in my suffering
Just bury me in my grief
Over, and over again...

It was my fault, since i know
Oh forgive me, to trust in dreams
Night is so bright, light so fragile
I remember, world's fever

These nightmares, stay here, there
The flower, one day wither
And on it, you can't rely
She can do that, make me sad

Livre d'or

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19.02.24, 06:22, par Leo
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