Our Misery

No sorrow this evening
You are even smiling
What happened in your life
to make you dreaming at night ?

Now, your soul seems to be
free of sorrow you felt
I wish i could take away
my eternal sadness like you did

She has fallen for you
Chance is given to you
You think you'll reach heaven
Leave the world where you've once fallen

Be careful, maybe it's not as wonderful
as you could think
Temptress, in her black dress
it could be a trick
Remember, no man can live in peace
never, nowhere, without tears

Now, you are crying
and soon, you are dying
'cause the cruel wheels of life
has turned, and fall the night

She has silently gone
and left you alone
Despite all your sympathy
She still doesn't care of your feelings

If i could be your light
it's 'cause i've seen it with my eyes
For me, she has once fallen
And too, my heart has broken
Left me with no tears

Females come first, take them
but before they stab you, leave them
'seems to be the only sad justice
As there is no joy here
Return to our misery

Livre d'or

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